Collecting One Billion (1,000,000,000)
China Bank of Hell Note

If this is your first contact with this joyful Buddhist burning of Hell Notes ritual, please read Collecting Lucky Hell Notes. This article will give you a much deeper understanding of why Hell Notes are collected. Buddhist do not believe in the same type of hell that western Christianity has developed. It is more along the lines of the early American Indian beliefs, before contamination by the Spanish religious beliefs.

The front of this beautiful multicolored, very large (9 3/4" wide by 5" high) Chinese Buddhist Hell Note features the Earth God of Hell as the center piece of the note.

He is shown in the traditional ceremonial crown of an imperial judge, but with nine pearl strands of the highest rank. The vest of the highest emperor warrior shows his ultimate power over the spirits of those who come before him for judgment.

This Billion Dollar Hell Note when burned here on Earth in his honor, gives him the power and prestige that is due him by mere mortals. If you are judged worthy, after the burning, you are allowed contact with your beloved ancestors or friends. Plus, the God of Money transfers the billion to the Bank of Hell and into their account for purchasing the luxuries of hell.

Front of Hell Note


This Hell Note has a special meaning for him, especially on the Chinese New Year, or when burned at a relative or close friend's funeral. It's meant to appease him and perhaps go easier on the soul mate who will soon be in his presence and perhaps in the future allows you spiritual contact with the beloved person.

The background shows the Dragon of Hell moving through the spirals of Earth Spirits dispensing knowledge and good fortune.

To the lower right of the note are four gold coins representing the four seasons of the year and four seasons and time periods of life. The coins have on them a dragon, which in Chinese mythology stands for the 4 powers of nature - Earth, Water, Wind (Air), and Fire.

Back of Hell Note


The back of the Hell Note is the green of nature and has the classical Bank of Hell pictured on it with souls rowing through the waters of life to reach it. In the background are a pair of mountains, one with a watch tower. On the right overhead are a pair of life spirits who have taken the form of swans winging their way to the afterlife.

The dealer friend that I purchased them from said that these notes were originally designed and printed in China and purchased in the late eighties and then shipped to Thailand for use in celebrating the Chinese New Year. In as much as I do not read Chinese and the only writing in English is "Hell Bank Note" I am at a loss to verify the date. If anyone out these in cyberspace can read a date and information on this note (if there is one), I would appreciate an email interpreting it.

To date this Hell Note is one of only three Billion Dollar Hell Notes I have seen. The other two were in the hands of a Chinese Collector I recently met and he jumped at the chance to purchase a five note package at $15.00. I asked him why he wanted more than one note for his collection, he said one would go in his collection and he would use the other four to trade for other multicolored notes his friend had.

I was able to purchase several other multicolored Hell Notes from another dealer friend of mine and have set up a short set consisting of 4 highly colored notes of 4 different sizes and denominations. I am presently making inquiries to Mainland China dealers and hope to add a long set within the next few months.

The Billion Dollar Hell Note can be purchased in a set or individually (while they last).

I personally find collecting Hell Notes a highly fascinating and the most enjoyable aspect of all of the different countries I collect.

The Bank of Hell has some of the most outstanding creative artists working for it even if the printing and paper used leaves something to be desired, plus, it's one of the least expensive areas to collect paper money in.

One of the Chinese Hell Note Collections we are presently offering is a group of ten Traditional Hell Bank Notes with a $1.00, 5.00, 10.00, 20.00, 50.00, 100.00, 500.00, 1,000.00, 5,000.00, and 10,000.00. These are green and black Hell Bank Notes. Along with each set purchased, the eleventh note comes free, it's a 10,000.00 red seal Hell Note. This set is very reasonable prices at only $9.90. Have you looked at the 7 note set of 1964 Seven World Leaders Hell Notes yet? A very strange set of Hell Bank Notes, but a set that every Hell Note collector or Vietnam War collector should have. They were distributed by the Buddhist in Vietnam during the war.

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