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Bicentennial Reproduction of Americas 1st Medals

Bicentennial Reproduction of Americas 1st Medals

Lieutenant Colonel William Washington

Lieutenant Colonel William Washington is honored on the 8th in the U. S.Mints ten piece series of pewter reproductions of Americasfirst medals,voted by the Continental Congress to commemoratethe decisive military actions of the revolutionary war.This medal was awarded to Lieutenant Colonel Washington for his participation in the Battle of Cowpens. Originally struck in silver, it was engraved by Pierre Simon Benjamin Duvivier, chief engraver of the Paris Mint. On the obverse, in Latin, is the inscription: The American Congress to William Washington, commander of a regiment of cavalry. Colonel Washington leads his men in pursuit of the enemy's cavalry. A winged Victory hovers over him, holding in her right hand a crown of laurel and in her left a palm branch. On the reverse, inscribed in Latin within a laurel wreath, are the words: Because in vigorously pursuing the enemy with a handful of soldiers he gave a noble example of innate courage at the battle of the Cowpens, January 17, 1781.This medal comes in the plastic case and contains the originalpaper work with the entire story as issued from the U.S. mint.

Catalog #:WilliamWashington
Issuing Authority:Continental Congress
Minter:U.S. Mint
Size:1 1/2 inches in diameter
Grade:Mint state
Obverse (Front):Colonel Washington leading his men
Reverse (Back):Latin inscription
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