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Bicentennial Reproduction of Americas 1st Medals

Bicentennial Reproduction of Americas 1st Medals

General Horatio Gates

General Horatio Gates is honored on the 2nd in the U. S.Mints ten piece series of pewter reproductions of Americasfirst medals,voted by the Continental Congress to commemoratethe decisive military actions of the revolutionary war. This medal was awarded for the defeat of British plans to isolate New England by occupying the Hudson Valley. French engraver Nicolas marie Gatteaux executed the original gold medal. The obverse features a bust of General Gates, facing left, and a Latin inscription: The American Congress to Horatio Gates, a valiant general. On the reverse inscribed above in Latin: The safety of the northern regions, General Burgoyne surrenders his sword to General Gates while the vanquished troops, at left, groung their arms and standards and victorious Americans fly their colors. Latin inscription below: The enemy surrendered at Saratoga on the 17th of October 1777.This medal comes in the plastic case and contains the originalpaper work with the entire story as issued from the U.S. mint.

Catalog #:HoratioGates
Issuing Authority:Continental Congress
Minter:U.S. Mint
Size:1 1/2 inches in diameter
Grade:Mint state
Obverse (Front):Bust of General Gates
Reverse (Back):General Burgoyne surrendering his sword to Gates
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